Often it is not possible for single companies, cities or initiatives to find the best answers for their specific questions on their own. Only through targeted networking with other relevant players, it becomes possible to find solutions, with convincing results and a strong cost-benefit relationship. The fastest way to answer questions is still to learn from others.

Through our longstanding activities in the different sectors of energy supply and climate protection we were able to build a strong network, to gain a wide overview regarding market activities and technological developments as well as deep experiences in development and implementation of collaborative projects. We share gladly our knowledge with you.

We help initiatives, organisations, cities and governments in the development and implementation of new business models, concepts and projects. In addition, we analyse markets as well as framework and create solutions for today and the day after. As an interdisciplinary team we consider all different technical, economic, social and bureaucratic parameters to achieve the optimal, sustainable solution. 

Your contact person for market analyses and studies is Dr. Andreas Ziolek.

Dr. Andreas Ziolek
Managing Director
0209 – 1672 827