To operate effective climate protection and therefore minimizing damage as consequences by climate change confronts municipalities with enormous challenges. The technical and economic implications are multiple times very complex, so often it is impossible for actors to deduce suitable solutions in the daily business. Thereby limited staff capabilities restrict the scope of action in many municipalities as well. This leads to the fact, that many times, measures with small financial range and complexity are implemented as actual required. 

Practiced environmental awareness in a time where budgetary resources are bare provides special conditions to all actors. Therefore it is important to connect technical Knowhow and practical experience with the knowledge about the framework of public budgets.

FUKs – Integrated Development of Solutions

For an appropriate and effective support of municipalities to overcome complex challenges our team of experts FUKs (“financing and realization of climate protection strategies”) was founded for that purpose. With a focus on an integrated and individual development of solutions in the tension field of municipal budgets, financial requirements, statutory benefit obligation and complex technical as well as economic matters. FUKs bundles three main aspects, which should be included by every economic and ecological useful climate protection strategy:

  • energy supply and energy efficiency
  • water sensitive design
  • economic efficiency and financing

The building stock is, with a perspective on climate protection as well as energy efficiency, a central field of action for public decision-makers. At the same time public buildings are important role models or rather symbols for the citizens. This is the reason for our focus on existing buildings with the goal, to motivate citizens through successful projects to involve themselves in the energy turnaround. 

Strong rain, flood protection, and hot spells make the topic “Water” important again especially in Germany. We take this topic into account through the umbrella term “Water-sensitive Urban Design” and identify potential of water, to create innovative energy efficient solutions.

We have brought our competence in both sectors together in a customized consulting service and we gladly assist you in realizing your projects. 

By exhausting all available funding programmes we develop integrated action plans, which connect all central resources of future energy and water, together with our clients.

Municipal energy networks are helping us, because we are able to exchange experiences effectively and target oriented. So we are able to learn from each other. 

Our competence team provides individual consulting services for each phase and also assists you through all realization processes

Download FUKs competence team brochure

Together we open up climate protection potentials and offer you technical support in the planning stage, as well as in procurement and during the construction measures. Besides we provide consulting for the financial planning of the projects as required. 

Phase 1

Creation or analysis of a climate protection concept and/or partial climate protection concept

Details Phase 1

Phase 2

Detailed planning in energy and water and setting up a financing plan

FUKs-Services Phase 2

Phase 3

Monitoring and consulting throughout the implementation

Details Phase 3

The core competence of Eveecon lies in the area of energy, energy efficiency and mobility concepts. To guarantee an integrated specific solution concept for municipalities, our team is complemented by experts from the engineering office Tuttahs & Meyer in the working area “Water-sensitive Planning Performance”, as well as experts from the communal consultation DKC in the working field “Budget and financing”.

Your contact person for all FUKs services is available for you: 

Dr. Andreas Ziolek
+49 (0) 209 167 2802

Together, we stand for:

  • a suitable subsidy consultancy
  • high cost efficiency
  • needs based measure planning and implementation of these measure
  • the prevention of climate damage