Energy efficiency in buildings is an important factor for the success of the energy turnaround. Regarding this, refurbishment of existing buildings is very crucial. 

Approximate 35 per cent of German energy consumption is dropped by energy supply of buildings – the largest part of it is dropped by residential buildings and approximate 40 per cent by non-residential buildings. Against the background that over 60 per cent of all residential buildings have been built before 1979, and therefore before the first Heat Insulation Ordinance, since then, only a small part has been refurbished and the building sector provides an enormous energy saving potential. In comparison energy consumption of these buildings is five times larger than the energy consumption of a new building.

The public sector produces an end energy consumption of almost 60 milliard kWh each year. In 2014 one tenth of German net electricity consumption was used by public bodies. This means municipalities have to pay around 3.4 billion euro each year only for electricity and heat supply of properties. Thereby the largest energy saving potential can be found in the energetic refurbishment of public buildings (e.g. administration building, schools, swimming pools, museums, retirement homes).

In the framework of the national action plan (NAPE) the funding programme “energy consultancy for municipal non-residential buildings” was developed to support financing of municipalities. A main field of action represents the improvement of energy efficiency in the public sector.

Application for subsidies: 

In the framework of this programme the services provided by EVEECON | TÜV NORD GROUP are funded up to 80 % by BAFA.

Our energy consultants apply for funding on your behalf. We need only a power of attorney and an order confirmation from you – we will take care of everything else. 

Benefit from our long-standing experience in the field of energy efficiency. As an independent partner we consult and accompany municipal political subdivisions, its in-house operations, companies with predominantly municipal shareholder background as well as non-profit organizational forms and recognized religious communities.

City Halls, Museums, Church Organisations, Retirement Homes, Residences, Universities, Schools

We analyse your building stock in a systematic way and create - in accordance with your priorities - a refurbishment roadmap. Based on this roadmap we calculate the most useful technical and economic measures for each object. Upon request we accompany the refurbishment measures in terms of quality assurance until the final closure.


Download: funding programme data sheet

Your Benefit! Energy Consultancy Pays Off for your Building that Way!

Energy- and Cost Savings

We analyse energetic saving potentials of your buildings. On the basis of this data we recommend precise measures to save energy in consideration of economy and budgetary possibilities.



By reducing your energy consumption you also reduce your carbon dioxide output to make a crucial contribution to the success of the energy turnaround in Germany. 

Role Model Function

Considering public decision makers, the building stock is a key field of action dealing with climate protection and energy efficiency. At the same time public buildings have a role model function for citizens. Therefore building stock is a main focus of our consultancy to support the goal to motivate citizenship to take actions through successful examples. 

Latest Version of Technologies

By implementing energy efficient measures, modern technologies are usually put in operation in your company. The modernized system technology also reduces downtimes.


Increase of Your Competence

We provide you with know-how, specialized knowledge and a holistic solution concept for the needs of municipal buildings.

Your Benefit:

  • reduction of energy costs
  • saving of carbon dioxide and therefore a role model in the implementation of the energy turnaround
  • avoiding negative climate change consequences 
  • increase in ecological competences
  • 80 % funding subsidies by the federal government of Germany

Our Services:

  • analyses of the status quo on-site
  • calculation of present energy consumption and energy costs
  • identifying saving potential
  • calculation of optimization measures in accordance with economic efficiency
  • review of the final report and discussion of further procedures

Your contact in the field of energy efficiency in buildings is Martin Schindler – Senior Consultant.

Dipl.-Ing. Martin Schindler
Senior Consultant
0211 - 866 42 144