Practised climate protection – committed public services and practised cost efficiency

Cities and municipalities play a key role in the practical implementation of the energy turnaround and its’ goals to improve energy efficiency, to expand renewable energies as well as to increase climate protection. The Federal Government developed new plans of action and strategies, following the European directives, to underline the importance of local players. At the same time a comprehensive information and consulting service should motivate cities and municipalities to act.

Technical requirements for decentralized energy systems and their maintenance are increasing rapidly: decentralized production, added capacities in renewable energies or the digitisation are just a few given examples. Furthermore all that offers a great opportunity for local companies, but it also raises a lot of issues regarding the cooperation between energy production, public and private buildings and the mobility system.

For you, we bring all different aspects together. We invite you, to use our expertise.

Amongst the plurality of possible options for actions it should be determined, to set correct priorities and reasonable roadmaps. EVEECON knows which framework conditions should be observed: budget competence, bureaucratic competence, as well as the political and social framework. We also complete our range of skills with technical expertise. We develop customized strategies to optimize your opportunities and take all demands of a future oriented energy system into account responsibly. To achieve this goal, our long time experience supports us in the conflict area between municipalities, end consumers and companies of the energy sector. 

We are your partner regarding the following thematic focus:

Energy efficiency in buildings

Residential and non-residential properties, city halls, museum, church-organisations, retirement homes, dormitories, universities, schools

Financing and implementation of climate protection strategy

Competence team FUKs


-vehicle fleet concepts, business models, funding possibilities, technology analyses and roadmaps

Market analyses, studies and business models

Conception of a regional energy agency


Consulting of energy efficiency commission Kosovo


Project IncoNet CA of the European commission 

Project details

Project Ener2i of the European Commission 

Project details

Energy saving contracting for 100 mosques

Project details

Sector project "technology cooperation in the energy sector"